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Haunted Theater (2014)

( Yüksek Kalite )

Nonton Film Semi – Haunted Theater (2014)

FILM DETAILS 8 months ago
Haunted Theater (2014)

Genre: Film Semi, Horror, Japan

Release: 2014

Stars: Erika Momotani, Akiko Horiuchi, Yuki Kato

Synopsis: Haunted Theater (2014) - Yukiko, a member of a movie study group, follows the rumor of a ghost that inhabits an abandoned movie theater with two of her study group cohorts, Shinoda and Imamura, in order to film the ghost of an actress roams there. After she watch an old film, strange things begin to happen around her. When Shinoda goes missing, she goes back to the theater to find the truth of the place, despite her fear.

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