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Admission By Guts (2015)

( Yüksek Kalite )

Nonton – Admission By Guts (2015)

FILM DETAILS 1 year ago
Admission By Guts (2015)

Genre: Horror, Mandarin, Thriller

Release: 19 June 2015 (CHINA)

Stars: Lin Xiaofan, Yao Yiqi, Zhang Zhongwei, Wang Ye

Synopsis: Admission By Guts (2015) - Reportedly, midnight cinema chi heavy, sometimes met unclean things. One day, a few young people go to a midnight watching a horror movie theater converted by the funeral home. Unexpectedly, the film’s terror staged simultaneously in reality. Dark corridor quietly drifting shadows appear; toilet covered with blood in the theater of human skin; sitting in the auditorium in front of female students, the movie actually was suddenly dragged into the hand of a ghost movie

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